QD Homes Makeover

QD Homes does builds great custom homes, but their website was really showing it’s age. Fixed width, non-responsive, and in dire need of a facelift. Old site is shown on the left, while the new work in progress site is shown on the right.


Work In Progress

Branding work in progress for Crowell Life Skills.

The first art style logo would be for T-Shirts, or where something where a bit more embellishment would be appropriate, while the second “word-mark” reads very well online, small compact, clean and legible. The concept with the word-mark is to show the unique “diamond pattern” (which is a major part of the Crowell Life Skills training concept) on the ball within the “O” with the bottom of the letters in “Crowell” swishing like a basketball net, to add unique and meaningfull motion to the characters